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About us



Company management: Chairman of the Board: Ewa Świstuniuk

INFOR PL S.A. is the largest Polish supplier of professional information concerning law and economics. For 32 years now, first acting under the name of Grupa Wydawnicza INFOR S.A., the Group continues to establish its position of an industry leader.

INFOR PL S.A. is headed by Ryszard Pieńkowski, who is also the founder of the company and the man behind the idea. For years, the company has been supplying its products to business owners, managers, lawyers, accountants, HR employees and civil servants.

Since 2008 the Company has been undergoing a dynamic transformation. We have created a media holding with a two-pronged approach — the development of new products and investments into projects that use the Internet as the main distribution channel.

The INFOR PL Group consists of companies: INFOR PL, INFOR Biznes and INFOR IT.


INFOR Biznes Sp. z o.o.

Company management: Chairman of the Board: Ewa Świstuniuk

The rich and diverse portfolio of the company is mainly aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, lawyers, as well as accountants and HR employees. The company utilises various content distribution channels, such as traditional daily magazine, the Internet, mobile devices, books, applications and e-books.

Company products:
Daily newspaper with a national reach: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, websites:,,,

INFOR IT Sp. z o.o.

Company management: Chairman of the Board: Ryszard Pieńkowski

INFOR IT is a vendor of consulting and innovative IT services. The company handles the development (from management to implementation) of mobile applications for all iOS and Android-based platforms. In addition, INFOR IT handles the implementation of applications for the internal purposes of its clients, to assist them in management of the company and the operation of their e-businesses.

The company had developed tablet applications for such titles, as „Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” „Przekrój”, as well as mobile apps „Krzyżówki”, „Słówka” and Match’A’Shape, which enjoy high position in the App Store ranking.